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iStayHealthy - 6 Years Later!

About Me and the App
I was diagnosed with HIV in 2009. It came as a pretty big shock to me - even though it was not entirely surprising. Once diagnosed, I quickly found that there are a few important numbers and values to keep track of. Particularly, when it comes down to deciding when to start treatment.

I ended up entering values in a spreadsheet. But that didn't show in a simple way which way my health was going.

In 2010 I decided to write an iPhone app that shows graphs, records medical results and meds taken. iStayHealthy was born. I published it to the Apple App Store in March 2011. In Nov 2011 an Android version followed.

When users contact me they seem to be under the impression that there is a whole organisation behind it. This could not be further from the truth. This app is a single-person-effort (me), with no financial support or pay. It is meant to be my contribution to the community.

What does iStayHealthy do?
  • record your meds and medical results
  • show your results in simple charts - overlaid by start of your treatment
  • other features such as recording missed meds, side effects, illnesses etc
Data Storage?
All data are stored on the device only. I do not have and cannot afford to run a backend service storing your data. 
To help with that I built in support for Dropbox early on. This is the ONLY way you can back up your data as of to date. 
Unfortunately, I cannot support iCloud any more and stopped using it in the app since 2015. The early adoption of iCloud led to significant problems and a number of users lost their results. Even though it is disabled, this still haunts me as I - even now - get reports from (thankfully very few) users about not seeing their data.

Passwords are also stored on the device. The Forgot button doesn't automatically regenerate your password. It simply sends an email to me, that I will then answer (a.s.a.p) with the recovery key in it.

What's Next?
It has been a tremendous effort for me to run this app. And I can only thank all the users who supported me and of course POZ magazine who have been advertising for me for all those years.

But all things must come to an end one day. iStayHealthy had its day and I decided I will no longer be working on it in future.
I will keep it on both Google Play and Apple AppStore until end of 2017 the very latest and will pull the plug then.

In the meantime, I am planning a new project - a more general health and result tracking app. In addition to Android/iOS I would like that to run on Windows/Mac OSX devices as well. I am just about to start on this new endeavour and cannot say when that will go live. Probably not until early 2018.

22 March 2017
Goodness me, is it one year already? The last update was in May 2016 - 4.1.1
What's new?
  • graphs include previous meds as well as current
  • Odefesy, Genvoya and Descovy meds are added
  • Dropbox maintenance upgrade

29 November
Version 3.1.1 for Android being released on Google play today. Together with 3.1.0 it has the following improvements: a.) added the latest medications (including against HCV) to the med list, b.) fixed a problem with restoring data from Dropbox and c.) made the chart legends more readable .

16 September
Version 4.0.3 for iPhone/iPad being released on iTunes/App Store today. Another small bug fix/maintenance release. Fixes issue with blood pressure, side effects etc.

4 September
iStayHealthy version 4.0.2 is being released on iTunes/App Store today. This is a small maintenance and bug fix release.

6 August 2014
iStayHealthy version 4.0.0 - and soon 4.0.1 (maintenance release) - has been published and is available on the AppStore. It has a load of new functionalities. But here are the highlights
  • Version is now available as iPhone as well as iPad app
  • layout and design received a once-over
  • a Medication Diary is available allowing you to track your med intake on a day by day basis. You can monitor for a period between 1 and 3 months. This might be particularly useful for people who just started their treatment
  • the list of available meds was updated and now includes HIV as well as HepC meds
  • liver values can be added as well
  • the charts can be configured to show more than just CD4 and Viral Load. 
  • the default charts are CD4 and VL combined

16 August 2013
For iPhone users of the app: sometimes the app takes a while to load the data. During this time, the data will not be displayed in the app. On some devices, the loading indicator isn't shown. This will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, I suggest to wait for a couple of minutes, the data should then appear.

For Android users: there will be a small update to fix an issue with sending results by email shortly.

9 June 2013
Small maintenance release for the Android version of iStayHealthy.
Version 3.0.3 fixes issues with saving cholesterol and Dropbox backups.

6 June 2013
There is a new iPhone version of iStayHealthy live on iTunes. Version 3.2.4 has a few minor (but important) improvements, foremost import of data from email attachments, login recovery, easier side effect entries and HIV web links.

29 May 2013
Following the release of v3 of iStayHealthy for Android - there is a new maintenance release ready. Version 3.0.2 has a few bug fixes plus a different way of editing/recording side effects. 

A new version of iStayHealthy for Android - version 3.0.0 is out and live on Google Play. It's got a host of new features - but the main new thing is to be able to browse additional charts of medical results (such as cholesterol, blood sugar etc).
Users who were previously on version 1.x of iStayHealthy are advised to reinstall the app - too many changes were made since then.

2 March 2013
A new version of iStayHealthy for iPhone - version 3.2.3 is available for download from the App Store. It includes a few bug fixes: 
  • emergency number saving
  • alert setting
Also, it should make viral load entry a bit more obvious. The password handling has been made safer. However, this means that you will need to reset your password (once) after upgrade and restarting the app.

18 Oct 2012
Users are reporting problems with the latest update of iStayHealthy for iPhone (version 3.2.1). I am sorry about the problems and will continue working on a solution.

16 Oct 2012
Version 3.2.1 for iOS has been approved by Apple today and should be ready for download shortly.
On 13 Oct I uploaded a new Android version of iStayHealthy (2.0.8). This is to include Stribild in the list of anti-retroviral drugs.

20 September 2012
If you are upgrading your iPhone to iOS 6 and are using iCloud to backup iStayHealthy data, you may experience hang-ups when starting the app. You could reset the iCloud settings in your Settings Menu on the Home Screen. See more in the iPhone section of this site.

9 September 2012
Version 3.2.0 of iStayHealthy for iPhone (iOS) has been submitted to Apple for review this afternoon. I hope they'll get to review it within the next week.


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