NEW: There will be no further releases of iStayHealthy for Android!

Sadly, I can no longer afford to invest time and energy into maintaining the Android version of the app. I will keep it running for a while, but will pull the plug on Google Play by the end of 2017.

NEW: Maintenance Release 3.1.1 submitted to Google Play

Version 3.1.0 has been the main upgrade in 2014 - adding a number of medications to the list (e.g. Stribild) including meds against Hepatitis C (HCV) for the first time. Version 3.1.1 is a maintenance release addressing the following issues:
  • Fixes a problem with restoring data from Dropbox
  • makes the chart legends more readable

NEW: Maintenance Release 3.0.3 submitted to Google Play

The new version should address the following problems
  • saving/retrieving total cholesterol values in the results section
  • Dropbox backup should now be improved
  • some other small bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 released to Google Play

13 May 2013
At last I published the new version of iStayHealthy for Android. Most of the app underwent a complete revamp since its previous incarnation, i.e. version 2.x. In particular
  • a new User Interface look and feel
  • The charts were completely reworked. CD4/VL were combined for both portrait/landscape mode; additional charts were added e.g. for blood sugar, cholesterol, cardiac risk etc... Simple swipe the screen to browse between charts.
  • When adding an alert you can now check a box if you want to confirm you really, really took your meds - even after the alarm went off. 
  • and many, many other changes

A note for version 1.x users of iStayHealthy for Android:
I am aware that some users were not able to upgrade from version 1.x to the previous version 2.0.x of iStayHealthy. This has something to do with the fact that the app allows you to place a call directly to your doctor from within the app (a feature that may not be available on all Android devices, e.g. tablets). The good news is, I changed the configuration of the app so that it should now run on devices - independent on whether they have telephony features or not.

However, since version 1.x there were simply too many changes and it might be best if you reinstall the app to get a clean version.
Make sure you backup to Dropbox before doing that to preserve your data.

13 Oct 2012
Just uploaded a new version of iStayHealthy for Android to Google Play.
This is to include the newly licences combination drug Stribild to the medication list.
There will be more features coming in the near future in a separate release.

Version 2.0.7 released to Google Play

3 August 2012
This version has just been released to Google Play and is ready for download.
2.0.7 should fix a problem with multiple alerts. Example: if you set 3 alerts a day, the app would randomly select only one, or none at all. I checked it on my device, and multiple alerts should fire correctly now.

This wasn't the easiest upgrade. Apart from fixing the issue with multiple alerts I also worked on transferring any existing alert settings over to the new version. Check it out. It might be necessary to reenter the alerts.

Version 2.0.7 also contains a few other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0.6 released to Google Play
1 July 2012
This is a maintenance release addressing the following issues
  • users can change their results, medication and procedure/illness dates
  • dates for side effects and missed intake of meds can be entered separately
  • blood pressure results are entered in 2 separate fields (one for systole the other for diastole). This should avoid entering wrong characters, which might have led to the app exiting
  • app exits unexpectedly when modifying/editing existing illness/procedures
  • viral load results entry had a very rare bug when entering 'undetectable'. Seems like the text got truncated. Should be fixed now.
  • and some other minor issues

Version 2 is now available on Google Play

Just released the latest version of iStayHealthy for Android on Google Play. Not sure I will bother with Android Marketplace - as downloads there are very thin on the ground. Google Play on the other hand is doing very nicely.

NOTE: there has been a problem with version 2.0.0. I just got notified by a user. Please install the new version 2.0.1 which should fix the problem.
If not - get in touch.

Version 2 of iStayHealthy is due in March

I hope that the long wait will be worth it. I put a number of goodies in, that iPhone users already benefit from it. And with the Android version growing very nicely, I think it is only fair to bring the feature set up to the same level. As announced earlier the Android version will include
  • Dropbox backup/restore. Dropbox is a great tool to sync files across your different devices. It comes with a free space usually enough for most users. And it works across different platforms. So should you ever decide to switch your phone/tablet to another make you can restore your iStayHealthy data.
  • Store your clinic details with the ability to call/contact the clinic from the app.
  • Store any illnesses and/or surgeries/procedures you had.
  • Update to some of the HIV medication currently available (and their names).
  • The result section will include a number of new additions:
    • HepC Viral Load
    • Cholesterol (LDL, HDL, Triglyceride)
    • Blood sugar
    • Blood pressure, heart rate
    • weight

Maintenance update for iStayHealthy 

Today I published a maintenance upgrade on Android MarketPlace.
Version 1.0.2 of iStayHealthy addresses 2 issues
  • for smaller screen sizes the chart in the Charts tool was too small. Solution: for smaller screen sizes the Charts tool is rearranged: only the chart is shown with a row of buttons to toggle between CD4, CD4% and Viral Load. This should give enough space for the graphics.
  • there was a bug when starting the app in Landscape mode - particularly after installing. This has been fixed, and the app can be started from whatever orientation the phone is in. This means that tablets can also load the app - although iStayHealthy isn't really optimised for tablets yet.

iStayHealthy v1.0.0 for Android is published

The first Android version of iStayHealthy is now available on Android market.

iStayHealthy started off as an iPhone/iPad application. I realised fairly quickly that Android is an ever increasingly popular platform for mobile devices. In fact in recent months Android has overtaken all other platforms and as of autumn 2011 it is the most popular mobile device platform with regards to smartphones.
Over the last few months I started porting iStayHealthy to Android. The version should enter beta testing phase shortly and should be available from Android Market towards the ends of October, beginning of November 2011.

iStayHealthy for Android will have the same features - and hopefully the same simplicity - as its iPhone/iPad counterpart.

Feature Summary iStayHealthy Android

Like the iPhone version, iStayHealthy for Android is split into 5 core features. These are accessible through the tabs at the top of the view.
  1. Charts - an overview of the last blood results together with charts for CD4 Count, CD4 % and Viral Load. The charts will also highlight the start of any HIV treatment and dates when you missed to take your meds.
  2. Results - a listing of your blood results, starting with the latest results on top
  3. HIV Drugs - a listing of your current HIV medication and a listing of any medication you might have missed to take
  4. Alerts - a feature to set a reminder when to take your meds
  5. Other Medication - a list of supplementary non-HIV related medication you might take
Like the iPhone/iPad version you can rotate the device to reveal a full-page chart showing both CD4 count and Viral Load progression in one picture.

Other features include
  • A brief glossary that explains the terms used in this app, e.g. CD4 count
  • a facility to send e-mails to me with your comment

DropBox and send results per e-mail will not be included in the 1st version of the Android app.

iStayHealthy will also be available in French, Spanish and German.