4.2.0 of iStayHealthy will be the LAST version

I decided to call it quits with iStayHealthy. I will keep the app running for a while on the AppStore, but there will be no further upgrades.
There are a number of reasons:
  • the app is quite dated (> 6 years old) and more and more difficult to maintain. 
  • there have been recurring problems with iStayHealthy combined with iCloud. And so far I have not been able to fix this - largely because it is a total pain to reproduce reliably.
  • I want to move on to newer things - like a more general app that can be used by people with HIV and those living with other conditions.

iStayHealthy version 4 upgrade. Where are my data?

Users upgrading from version 3.x to version 4 may experience problems seeing their data. This affects users with the iCloud option enabled for iStayHealthy
Sadly, this has to do with changes to iCloud and the way iCloud data are stored between iOS6 and iOS7.
However, there are ways to fix this. All it takes are 3 simple steps
  1. Exit iStayHealthy and open the 'Settings' app on your Home Screen
  2. In Settings, select 'iCloud' and, in there the 'Documents & Data' option. You should now see 'iStayHealthy'. 
  3. Turn the iStayHealthy switch to 'Off'. Exit 'Settings' and restart 'iStayHealthy'

New version 3.2.4 available for download

The new version of iStayHealthy went live on iTunes late on 6 June. It has a few improvements:
  • import of data from email attachments in the form of iStayHealthy.isth files. This is needed to integrate the app with clinical services
  • easier side effects menu (I hope)
  • I also provided links to useful HIV web sites. hit the info button to find out
  • login recovery 

Entering Viral Load into iStayHealthy

A couple of users asked me how to enter Viral Load into the app. 
Entering the Viral Load value actually works exactly in the same way as entering/editing a CD4 count.

Tap on the space just above the "undetectable" switch. As for CD4 counts, that space has a dummy text "Value" (in grey) in it.
Once you tap on it - the keyboard pops up and you should be able to enter the numerical value.
When you're done entering/editing your results hit the "Save" button at the top of the menu.

One note on Viral Load undetectable status: the threshold for "undetectable" changes from test to test. Some of them go as high as 200, others may be as low as 50 (or even less than that). Also - some clinics may give you the VL value irrespective of whether it is undetectable or not.

In iStayHealthy, the lowest numerical threshold for VL values is 40. Below that the app marks results as "undetectable". 

So if you are given a numerical value in the range of 0-40 - it might be worthwhile checking with your doctor/clinic at what stage they would say a VL result is "undetectable"

Issues with iStayHealthy version 3.2.1 

19 Oct 2012 iStayHealthy version 3.2.1 issue
Some users experience crashes on iOS devices after upgrading to version 3.2.1. This is related to syncing between the app and iCloud (even if you are not using it).
Try the following:
- go to Settings menu on Home Screen
- select iCloud option
- if possible/available - scroll down until you see 'Documents & Data'
- if 'Documents & Data' is turned Off - change it to 'On'

I am getting reports from users that the app still has problems even after upgrading to 3.2.1.
The issues are related around the synchronising between the app and iCloud. The problems look like this:
  • app starts and loads the data. But then the data charts or results seem to disappear. (However, the data "reappear" when the app is restarted at a later stage or after the phone is restarted).
  • I also had reports that the app crashes when opening up.
I sincerely apologise to all users who experience these problems and promise to continue working on a solution.

iStayHealthy version 3.2.1

Apple just approved a new version of iStayHealthy on 16 Oct 2012. Version 3.2.1 has a number of bug fixes. But more importantly I worked hard to get iStayHealthy working with iCloud properly again - for iOS 6 devices, that is.

iStayHealthy version 3.2.0 and iOS 6 with iCloud

I recently got a message from a user saying, his iStayHealthy app doesn't start up or exits unexpectedly after he upgraded to iOS 6. I tested this and it seems to be related to iCloud being enabled.

  • Go to Settings Menu on your Home Screen and select the iCloud option.
  • In there, select the 'Document & Data' option. If this is set to 'On' -> turn it off.
  • exit the settings menu and restart iStayHealthy. It should work now.
  • You may now try to reenable the 'Document & Data' option again. (If you keep it off, iStayHealthy data will no longer be backed up to iCloud).

iStayHealthy version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 of iStayHealthy for iOS was submitted to Apple for review today. I hope they'll get to review it within the week.

iStayHealthy version 3.2.0 - About to be released

It's been a bit quiet lately. But this is not for lack of effort. In fact I have been busy working on a new iPhone version for iStayHealthy. Version 3.2.0 will have a whole load of new features:
  • Results: in addition to CD4/Viral Load values, users will be able to add common blood results, such as blood cell count, cholesterol and blood sugar - as well as common results such as blood pressure and weight.
  • Side effects have been completely reworked. You can now add/delete/edit the side effects directly from the HIV drugs page - by tapping on Side Effects. I accept that the previous way of doing this was quite unintuitive. In addition to that you will be able to select from a list of side effects that can happen with (any) anti-retroviral treatment. See a snapshot below.

Other changes include the General Medication view, which has been cleaned up (listing other meds, clinics and illnesses all on one page looked a bit crammed).

I am currently testing the new version - and plan to submit it to Apple sometime in the week commencing 10 September.

iStayHealthy version 3.1.1 - Save Results

I got reports from some users that they can't save their results. It looks like they hit the 'Save' button straight after entering the results. To avoid that, ensure that you do 'Done' on the keyboard first for every result you enter - and then hit the 'Save' button.

I'll change that in the next version.

iStayHealthy version 3.0.0

version 3.0.0 has been released on 18 December 2011. And since then it has enjoyed record number of downloads. 

Getting Ready for iStayHealthy iOS version 3

The new version of iStayHealthy for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) will be submitted to Apple's iTunes within the next day or so. I just wanted to give a heads of the list of new features.
  1. Passwords: you can now set a password to limit access to the app.
  2. Results: Hepatitis C cases have risen - particularly as co-infections to HIV. version 3 will store HIV and HepC Viral Loads
  3. Side Effects: this is already available on the Android version. It allows users to store any adverse side effects they might experience when taking HIV medication
  4. Illnesses/Surgeries: in addition to supplementary (other) medications, version 3 also allows you to store any illnesses/surgeries/procedures. It also allows you to store your clinic details - with the ability to e-mail/phone your clinic directly from the app
  5. some bug fixes and UI changes.
The side bar has more details - and screenshots for each new feature.
I hope that Apple will approve the new version - and if yes, I hope it to be available for download just before Christmas.

iStayHealthy for iOS

I hope that iStayHealthy is as simple and straight-forward to use as one might expect from an iPhone/iPad application. This site summarises all features and gives some hints as to how to get the best out of iStayHealthy.

Many of you sent me mails with questions and suggestions on how to make this app better. Keep on doing that. This app is for you after all.

Finally, this site refers to version 2.0.2 of iStayHealthy.

Quick Note on iStayHealthy for iOS5

I released version 2.0.2 of iStayHealthy on iTunes this week. This should address the issues users may have experienced after upgrading to iOS 5.

There are a couple of issues with installing iOS 5 on your phone:
  • when enabling iCloud, you may notice that some apps have disappeared. Simply download them again and reinstall them. All data should still be there.
  • Notifications: well, this is not really an issue, but the new way notifications and alerts are handled on iOS 5. You need to set up alerts for iStayHealthy (and other apps) in the new Notifications Center in the Device Settings->Notifications tool.

Feature Summary iStayHealthy

iStayHealthy is aimed for people living with HIV. It helps monitor the most important blood results and keep track of medication. My hope is that it makes it easier for people living with HIV to manager their health.
iStayHealthy functions are broken into 5 categories
  1. Charts - An Overview of your last results together with charts for CD4 count, CD4 % and Viral Load.
  2. Results - A complete listing of all your results with the latest result on top and the oldest result on bottom
  3. HIV Drugs - A complete listing of your HIV medication and a listing of meds you might have missed to take.
  4. Alerts - An alert/alarm function to remind yourself to take your meds regularly
  5. Other Medication - a listing of your supplementary medication.
You can rotate the device to see CD4 count and Viral Load together in one simple chart.

Supplementary functions are
  • A brief glossary of HIV related terms used in the application. E.g. CD4 count, CD4 %.
  • For French, Spanish and English versions a link to http://www.poz.com is provided. POZ magazine is the number 1 magazine for all things related to HIV. The German version has a link to Deutsche AIDS Hilfe, http://www.aidshilfe.de
  • An action menu where you can
    • backup your data to DropBox. You can create an account directly from the app (in case you don't have one already).
    • e-mail your results in a simple text based table
    • send me a mail with your comments/suggestions
iStayHealthy is also available in French, Spanish and German.