NEW General Medical Menu

Apart from enabling password protection, I guess the biggest change in version 3 of iStayHealthy is the new 'General' Menu.
This used to be the 'Other Meds' Menu.
It now comes with 2 new features:
  1. a menu to record illnesses/surgeries/medical procedures
  2. a menu to store your Clinic name, your Clinic ID, contact phone/emergency phone, e-mail address and Web-site. 
Oh - and the 'Other Meds' has a new function in it, where you can select the dose unit. Previously it was assumed that you would use [mg]. I now added [g] and [ml]. And also made sure you can enter values such as 0.4 (rather than only integer values).

Each time you enter a new 'Other Med', 'Illness/Surgery' or 'Clinic' a new row will be added to the 'General' menu. This allows you to edit your entries. In case of the 'Clinic' data - it also allows you to contact the clinic directly by either phone or e-mail.

Below is what the new General Menu looks like in version 3 of iStayHealthy.