set alarms

New Interface to set Alerts

Version 2.0.1 of iStayHealthy has a new interface for the add and edit alert tool. I hope this interface is simpler and involves less clicking than previous versions.

Instead of clicking through Repeats and Sounds separately, everything is now in one view.

  • Click the 'Set Time' to change the start time of your alerts
  • Edit the text in the 'Alert Label' box
  • set how many times a day you need to take the meds. If this is a one time only alert - choose 0.
  • Sound selection allows you to select alerts other than the system default one.

Setting Medication Alerts with iStayHealthy

Reminding yourself to take your HIV medication regularly is an important feature of iStayHealthy.
We are now in the fortunate position of having different combination drugs available. Still, most of them have to be taken at regular intervals, say within +/- 1 hour at a specified time.

iStayHealthy is flexible enough to cater for a lot of possible combinations. Below I am going to show examples based on a popular combination treatment. This treatment consists of 3 drugs (commercial names are in brackets):
  1. efavirenz (Sustiva)
  2. tenofovir (Viread)
  3. emtricitabine (Emtriva)
The drugs are available as individual tablets as shown above.However, they also come in 2 combinations:
  • Truvada - which is a combination of tenofovir (Viread) and emtricitabine (Emtriva). Patients using Truvada will take the 3rd drug separately, in this case efavirenz (Sustiva).
  • Atripla - which is a 1 tablet combination of all three.
What does this mean for the patients?
  • patients can either take all 3 drugs individually - potentially at different times
  • patients can take Truvada and Sustiva separately - at 2 different times
  • patients can take 1 tablet a day / Atripla
The example below shows how to set up alerts for all 3 cases.

Taking 1 tablet a day - Atripla

Go to the Alerts tab and click the + sign

  • Simply use the default setting for Repeats 1 per day
  • select the time you want to take the drug, e.g. 22:00
  • choose sound and label for the alert
  • click save

Taking 2 tablets a day - Truvada/Sustiva

You can do this in 2 ways. Either you set up the alert for each individually - as shown above.

Or you can create 2 alerts in 1 step:
Go to the Alerts tab and click the + sign
  • in the Repeats section choose '2 per day'
  • do your start time (you only do this once), sound setting and label
  • save the alert
iStayHealthy has now generated 2 alerts. The 1st is the one at the time you specified when you set up the alert. The second is 12 hours later.
If you're unhappy with the times selected - simple click on the listed alerts in the 'Alert' tab and change the time.

Taking 3 tablets a day - Tenofovir, Emtriva, Sustiva

This is no different to setting up 2 alerts. Again you can create either each alert individually.
Or you can set up all 3 alerts in 1 go.
  • in the Repeats section choose '3 per day'
  • do the steps above.
iStayHealthy has generated 3 alerts - all of which are 8 hours apart. As above you can modify the alert time individually if you wish.