What's next

iStayHealthy 3.2.0 for iPhone submitted to Apple

I just submitted 3.2.0 iStayHealthy to Apple. Waiting for a review.

iStayHealthy 3.1.0 for iPhone submitted

I just submitted the next version of iStayHealthy for Apple products. Version 3.1.0 contains a number of new or improved features:
  • iCloud data backup and synchronisation. Save your iStayHealthy data directly on your iCloud drive and sync them up with your other Apple devices.
  • Import and export iStayHealthy data via email. 
  • You can now change your dates for existing results, medication etc.
  • The interface for recording Side Effects/Missed Doses is hopefully a bit more intuitive.
  • General improvements on user interface, usability
  • iStayHealthy branding with POZ magazine.
  • Images and artwork were optimised for Retina displays
The new version is compatible with iOS 5.1

iStayHealthy 2.0.4 for Android available on Google Play/Amazon AppStore

The Android version for iStayHealthy received a major upgrade. This includes
  • Dropbox backup/restore available
  • Store more results, e.g. cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure
  • General improvements on performance and stability and User Interface
The new Android version requires version 2.x minimum (i.e. it won't run on Android 1.x devices).
The new version is available on Google Play. For US users - you can also download it from Amazon AppStore. And iStayHealthy has also been approved by Amazon for use on its Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

iStayHealthy and iOS5.1

the latest version of iOS, version 5.1, was released in the week commencing 5 March 2012. Will test it to see if there are any glitches with iStayHealthy. But I think the main thing will be upgrading all images to support Retina displays. As many of you will already know: the display resolution has doubled. From formerly 480x320 pixels for the iPhone to 960x640 pixels (a pixel is a picture element - or dot on the screen). Given that, plus the fact there is a small change re the name of one drug (Complera) a new maintenance release for iStayHealthy iPhone is due.

iStayHealthy and Clinical Services

My big ambition is to integrate iStayHealthy with clinical services starting with sexual health clinics in London, UK. Some of today's clinics already offer a service whereby patients receive the results from their regular blood tests per e-mail. It is only a logical next step to enable clinic services to send the results directly to iStayHealthy app. 
I have been discussing this with 2 sexual health clinics in London and hope to start working on this project this year.

Complera/Eviplera licensed for European Market
Gilead's latest drug 'Complera' has been licensed in Europe. However, in Europe it is listed under the name of 'Eviplera'. For those of you who are on this new drug - select Complera from the medication list. I will adjust the name for the European market in the next Android/iPhone version of iStayHealthy.


A new version of iStayHealthy will be out shortly - version 3.1.0. This will include a couple of fixes
  • Dropbox backup. Some of the new data (e.g. side effects, clinic details) weren't backed-up properly. 
  • When entering the phone number of a clinic, the number didn't get saved. This was down to the type of keyboard being loaded. 
  • iStayHealthy will get support from Gaydar - the global dating site for gay men and lesbian women. A banner linking to the gaydar app will be included.
I am also planning support for iCloud backups of iStayHealthy data. But not sure this will be included in version 3.1.0.


I am currently working on version 2.0.0 of iStayHealthy for Android devices. This is to bring the Android functionality in line with the iPhone version. In particular:
  • Dropbox backups - like its iPhone sibling
  • Include Clinic details and Illness/Surgery details (like on the iPhone version).


Yes, yes, yes - it's coming. And it will be not just iStayHealthy for the iPhone but larger. But I plan to include a bunch of iPad goodies into it.